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The Luton Paranormal Society has been investigating the world of the paranormal since 2003.  The Luton Paranormal Society holds a number of different events throughout the year not all relating to haunting’s as we cover the wide range of paranormal activities including UFO’s and timeslips.

Most of our events are free and membership is £20 per year.

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LPS Next Investigation – Friday 29th July – Leavesden

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Willington Investigation – 15.07.2016

LPS Members encountered a plethora of paranormal activity when they investigated at Willington.  On this occasion it was decided to use two teams, one team would use technology and the other team would simply use themselves to make contact

The techno Bots team as they were nick named spent time behind the Dovecote. They used a Echovox on his tablet and another member listened briefly to an SB7. The number 21 was said three times within two minutes of each other. The team then heard the words ‘very spooky’ come from the SB7.

Then the Echovox went absolutely crazy starting with slight interference building up to constant high pitched squealing. The group switched it off and rebooted it. At this point another member hear the words “five minutes” on the SB7.

One team member asked how many people were sat there on stools.  The Echovox replied ‘three’ which was correct.  The same member asked the Echovox whether ‘they’ liked them being there and it replied ‘yes’. After asking for confirmation, it confirmed with another yes straight away. The team then asked for a ladies name to which it replied ‘Eva’. Later the Echovox said randomly ‘doves’ and when questioned about birds and it said ‘white’.

Meanwhile over at the site of the stables another team of LPS investigators called the mediums were having a discussion with a man from 1643 called the “Squire” (you can find the audio recording for this by visiting our website and going to the EVP page where you can listen to events as they happened).

Turns out the squire was trying to warn a group of royalists that a group of parliamentarians were approaching the area looking for the group of royalists.  The squire was none too happy at finding out a member of this LPS team had republican links as well and stated the member was “going to hell with Satan”.  Though, he did calm down after the pleas rites were exchanged.

The teams then swapped locations and the Technobots at the location of the stables with the Echovox said ‘help me’ spontaneously but wouldn’t answer further.

It also told the group ‘I’ve seen them’ but wouldn’t elaborate on this. When asked for a name it said ‘Edward’. During the period of time the group were outside the stable doors, they reported they were told numerous times by the Echovox to ‘leave’ and the number 90 was given out several times also. During both vigils a K2 was used with no activity to report.

Meanwhile over at the Dovecote site the Medium team were having a brief conversation with the former wife of a vicar from the mid 1700’s who use to come and sit and watch the birds as time away from her husband the vicar.

She was never buried at the location as her husband got a bigger parish and moved away but she always loved this spot by the Dovecote.  She use to make tapestries to hang up who knows there may even be some still around in the local church which produced no activity on the night

Everyone agreed it was a lovely site with easy access and agreed it warranted another visit in the future.

if you go to the EVP page you can listen to an audio of events as they happened and some disembodied voices picked up on the night at the stables.  Is this the Squire?  You decide …..  

A full report can be viewed on our reports page 

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