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LPS Social Evening
Friday 8th January 7:30pm
Why not go to our Media page to see a recent article about LPS that appeared in the Leighton Buzzard Observer and their video taken during our investigation of a haunted footpath in Edlesborough.

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Segenhoe All Saints 
Edgehill Battlefield 
Cockayne Hatley 
All Saints' Church 
All Saints' Church & Ladies' Walk 
Civil War Battlefield 
Sally Raindow's Dell & Clibbon's Post 
Nuthampstead Airfield 
Potton Wood 
Lukes Land, Watery Lane & Wilstone 
Pedley Wood & Chicksands Wood 
Tring Park 
Moot Hall 
St Owen's Church 
RAF Kimbolton 
Naseby and Marston Trussell 
The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill

In 2010 LPS took part in an investigation of the infamous St Mary's Church which sits on a hill above Clophill in Bedfordshire. The investigation was to form part of a documentary style film, directed and produced by Michael Bartlett and Kevin Gates, about the strange happenings at the site. The film had its international release at the Canne Film festival in 2013 and was later shown at the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square London as part of a weekend of horror known as Fright Fest. The film has been released on DVD in this country and has received numerous, highly complementary reviews.

In March 1963, a black mass was held at a ruined church in Clophill, Bedfordshire by a coven of dark witches. Tombs were looted, animals sacrificed and human bones arranged during a macabre ceremony. Further defilements continued at Clophill in the following years, with cattle in nearby fields found mutilated, evidence of necromancy discovered and perpetual sightings of paranormal activity witnessed at the isolated ruin. 50 years on from the original incident, the Clophill legend remains etched on the psyches of the local populace. In 2010, a documentary team was assembled to investigate the legend of the Clophill witches and to try and uncover the truth behind the paranormal events. What followed during that long weekend at Clophill was a terrifying journey into the unknown...Kevin Gates

If you would like to see the trailer for the film then click here.

Why not order your own copy of the DVD from Amazon, just follow this link.

A new feature has been added to the site, a comprehensive list of the Local Books which give details of the haunted sites in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Included with each book is a brief review of the book.

Other features include a Belief in the Paranormal Questionnaire. This has been designed to enable us to find out what people believe in and thus help us improve the investigations etc. that we offer.

There is also a very comprehensive Glossary of words and expressions that you may encounter which are related to the various aspects of the paranormal. Currently there are over 1,200 words, abbreviations and expressions defined in the glossary. If there are any words that you feel should; be added to this glossary then please let us know.

On this site you can also find complete details of all of the allegedly haunted sites in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire that we know of. Each page lists all of the towns, villages and hamlets which have haunted sites. Clicking on a town or village will give you details of the hauntings etc. including maps, reports and photos if available.

If you have any unexplained photographs, videos or sound recordings that you feel might be paranormal we will review them for you and give you our opinion. You can see the evidence we have reviewed so far by going to the Your Evidence page.

You can also watch and listen to our video and sound clips. If we record anything of interest then a link to the video or audio clip will appear on the appropriate report page. Alternatively you can see all our videos by going to the Video Archive and listen to our sound clips by going to the Audio Archive.

Over the years the Luton Paranormal Society has featured in the local papers, local, national and even international radio, several serious documentaries and even a new film The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill due to be premiered in London on 23rd August 2013 and released on DVD in October. To see or listen to these various media appearances go to our Media page.

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