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The Luton Paranormal Society has been investigating the world of the paranormal since 2003.  The Luton Paranormal Society holds a number of different events throughout the year not all relating to haunting’s as we cover the wide range of paranormal activities including UFO’s and timeslips.

Most of our outdoor events are free to attend and some indoor places we have to hire.  We ask for a donation of £20 per year for  membership (see membership page for details)

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Our next event is on Friday  5th May 2017

LPS  will be celebrating our 14th year of paranormal investigations with a birthday Meal at Three Blackbirds Haunted Public House.

See forthcoming events page for details  

LPS Blog

 Grand Union Canal Gubblecote  21.04.2017

 Pictured above; members of the LPS Investigation Team investigate the Grand Union Canal

The Investigation site of the Grand Union Canal has no paranormal history. There are no recorded sightings of hauntings and no one but LPS has ever investigated this location which is in the middle of nowhere.

However some years ago LPS was investigating another location nearby to this one and it was known a body of a victim passed over this location. During that Investigation LPS left one team at this location just to assess if there was any activity.
Members investigating found one female spirit under the bridge who wanted to communicate and more along the canal itself.
LPS therefore followed up on a haunch that this location could be hiding something worthy of a full investigation and last night this was proved to be correct
During this investigation the team conducted investigations at three different locks in order to compare results and under the canal bridge which was the area picked up on in the previous investigation.
On the west side of the Bridge one member of the team sensed a woman’s spirit present called Victoria or Vicky. She was very cautious and wary of us being there, she seemed upset and at one stage this member who is sensitive could hear this woman sobbing.
On the east side of bridge there was a male spirit who was in his early 40’s about 41 – 42 years old, it was believed he was connected to Victoria and the team member sensed and felt they were married, but he had an affair and Victoria was distraught hence the sobbing.
This team member felt there was a lot of tension between the two of them, which may indicate why one of them is on one side of the clan bridge and the other one is on the other side.
As the team investigated under the bridge itself this team member felt Victoria disappear.

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