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Pictured Below; a frame taken from film of an orb of unknown origin on the right hand post near the top that has gone in the next frame of the film  taken during the LPS investigation at Bromham Mill on 8th September 2017.

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The Luton Paranormal Society has been investigating the world of the paranormal since 2003.  We do not limit ourselves to investigating haunting’s.  We investigate everything under the paranormal umbrella including UFO and Timeslip activity .  If it is Paranormal then LPS is there to investigate. We hope you enjoy our website and thank you for looking.

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 Friday  29th September   2017 – Cranfield – Ghost of the Headless woman

For further details or if you wish to attend please email andy@lutonparanormal.com 

Bromham Mill



Bromham Mill stands occupies a location next to the Great River Ouse where it is thought a mill is likely to have stood from Saxon times where no bridge existed as does today.   For much of its history the mill belonged to the Manor or Bromham and from medieval times would have ground the lord’s grain whilst his tenants would have been obliged to have their grain milled there for a charge (multure).

Commercial operations only developed from the post medieval period into the 20th century when in the hands of the Quenby Family though little milling was done there after the 1930’s and by 1971 none was done at all.  By 1973 the building was dilapidated and to secure its future it was brought by Bedfordshire County Council.  However in 1974 it was damaged by fire (this is relevant to the LPS investigation). But subsequent restoration enabled the mill to be opened to the public in 1983.   For further information please visit http://friendsofbromhammill.org.uk/history/

Thus it was on Friday 8th September 2017 that Luton Paranormal Society became the first paranormal group to fully investigate Bromham Mill. Starting with a pre investigation tour of the building which in itself was notable for when members had reached the landing of the second floor when two of the group instantly sensed the smell of burning wood which not everybody did. (See above reference to a fire which at the time was completely unknown to the group).

The investigation itself started in a rest area outside the building with a séance.  During which a female spirit was sensed coming up from the nearby river.  Subsequence research by LPS found that a woman had indeed drowned near the mill wheel in 1247 (Beds archives and record service).

During a second séance by the group on the second floor members of the team heard voices from another group of people at the far end of the same floor.  Whilst another member heard the sound of heavy footsteps coming up the wooden stairs on more than one occasion and when she investigated no one was there.  Different coloured lights were seen on the walls and ceilings that could not be debunked as car headlights. While downstairs a black shape was seen going across one room. Different EVP was picked up along with a number of names. Towards the end of the evening staff talked about their experiences while working at the mill.


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