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Twenty years of Paranormal Investigation

2003 – 2023

LPS is a group of people who genuinely believe in the paranormal and we seek actual, scientific proof. We want to bring the field out of the realm of pseudo-science and into an actual study with real, quantifiable data.
We are a Not for Profit Organisation that means we do not make any money from investigations or you.  Funds raised are for the benefit of you the member as we are a adult family oriented organsiation
Whether you agree with what we believe or not, we are pursuing what we do with honesty and open eyes and you are welcome to join us at LPS.  Membership is just £15 per year and many investigations are free to attend for members.
However you will require your own transport to get to and from  locations some of which are not on the paranormal map as they are so isolated.
Contact us for further detials at lutonparanormal@gmail.com


Wardown Museum haunting 1955


Pictured above;  Wardown Museum Luton

Eye witness Account by LPS member Anthony R Roberts
I left school at the age of fifteen and joined a heating and plumbing company called EG.Baker in Park Street Luton. I was put to work with a man called Hugh Upton… now he had been through the first world war and fought on the Somme battlefield. It is important to know this because that generation was different to mine. He would never be bested and he had a singular attitude to life. He was a proud and a brave man.

But I saw that man rooted to the spot with fear that day in Wardown Museum cellar. To get to the point we were changing a section in the boiler which had cracked. I was in the boiler and Hugh was standing outside by the boiler door. The only other person in the museum at that time was the curator who was upstairs in his office.

The museum was closed to the public.  We knew that we three were alone, When we heard footsteps coming towards us we knew something was wrong as there was the sound of a light tap tap and then we heard the sound of a dress swishing as the person walked nearer. There were no lights in the cellar in 1955 at all. The only lighting came from a 100 watt head lamp on a long lead which was plugged in upstairs which threw out a limited light around the boiler.

As we waited a woman appeared out of the gloom about ten feet from where Hugh was standing. She continued to walk towards us then turned the corner and was gone from my sight as I was in the boiler. But Hugh saw her for longer as I could see his head turn as he watched her until she was no longer to be seen.

Now that would have been something to talk about between us, but no old Hugh was old Hugh and he was saying nothing. I could not believe it, and after I got over the shock of what I had seen I begged him to talk about it. But he would not. But he stood there in front of the boiler frozen. It took a while for him to move and when he did he turned to me and said something like “load of rubbish” or words to that effect and that was the last word he ever spoke of the subject.

Now let me try to describe what she looked like. She was tall and wearing a dark possibly blue surge dress. White ruffs at her wrists and a white front or vee down to her waist. I don’t know if she was wearing a bonnet of not and her face has faded from my memory as indeed old Hugh’s has….. When you get to my age you will know what mean anyway that’s about that.

But as a footnote I though she was a nurse, could be wrong and one more thing. She was not holding a lamp of any sort. That means there was light in the cellar at that time possibly gas. I have just found LPS online and read about the other heating engineers in 1971. This caused me to put pen to paper and get this on record. I have now joined LPS
Best regards Anthony R Roberts

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Some people have had spectacular sightings, clearly seeing a craft, and occasionally even extra-terrestrial beings. But most sightings are limited to distant lights in the skies. Often there is a conventional explanation – such as Chinese lanterns. But often there is not. There is nothing irrational about seeing a craft from another planet, and the idea that “we are not alone” is becoming ever more common.  We are committed to UFO investigation.

EVP and Spirit Box Recordings

Advocates of Electronic Voice Projection (EVP) claim they can use radio equipment to communicate with the dead. But are they just hearing what they want to hear? 

Listen to demonic laughter that was unheard at the time, but caught on a recorder at the investigation at the White Hart.  

Spirit Box Recordings

Hear spirit box recordings as they actually happened.

Spirit Box response to the statement “Hitler is coming” and the response is “Pass me a bomb” from our investigation at Rougham Airfield 


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As well as investigations LPS has participated in a number of community and media projects over the years such as The movie “Clophill” The Paranormal Diaries .

Many of the paranormal team who  were seen  in the movie “The Paranormal Diaries Clophill” were LPS members .  The film had its world premiere on 24 August 2013 at the London FrightFest Film Festival and featured in the Cannes Film Festival.

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To become a member of LPS you must be aged over 18  and it is  preferable that you have your own transport to get to and from locations .  

Supporting the community.

LPS is a not for Profit organisation and supports charities and other organisations throughout the year through funding raised through investigations.  All funds raised from a venue that we hire goes to that organisation and not to LPS.

How much is yearly membership and what does this involve?

LPS membership is £15 per year every year and most investigations are free to attend for members. Normally about two or three per month.

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The Luton Paranormal Society  offers help and support for anyone who is in need of our support  and maybe experiencing  unwanted Paranormal activity. There is no charge for this support.   


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