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Some of the LPS team on investigation at the Roll Rights Ancient Stone Circle on June 18th 2016
St Neotts Museum[4]

LPS Next Investigation July 1st 2016 – Stanton Low




Roll Rights Investigation 18th June 2016

The Rollright Stones is a ancient site located on the Oxfordshire/Warwickshire border in England. The complex consists of three main elements, The Kings Men stone circle, the King Stone, and the Whispering Knights.The name “Rollright” is believed to derive from “Hrolla-landriht”, the land of Hrolla.

The Kings Men

At present there are 77 stones of heavily weathered local oolitic limestone, which were poetically described by William Stukeley as being “corroded like worm eaten wood, by the harsh Jaws of Time”, which made “a very noble, rustic, sight, and strike an odd terror upon the spectators, and admiration at the design of ‘em”.

Aubrey Burl has, in a more down to earth way, called the Rollrights “seventy-seven stones, stumps and lumps of leprous limestone”. This number seems to have altered considerably over the years – drawings from the tail-end of the 19th century, just before the Stones were scheduled under the 1882 Ancient Monuments Protection Act along with Stonehenge and Avebury, show about 25 stones in the Circle. “In the year 1882 the proprietor of Little Rollright replaced all the fallen stones in their original foundation.”

The Rollright Stone Circle is the southerly cousin of the Cumbrian circles such as Swinside and Long Meg and her Daughters in the English Lake District. Family traits include similar size, shape, close-set stones (it is believed that there originally some 105 stones standing shoulder to shoulder), astronomically-aligned entrance and a pair of outlying portals where gates were hung to stop the sheep from straying into the road.

The King Stone

Its purpose and age are unclear, although it is believed to be of middle Bronze Age origin. Some sources suggest that it might be an outlier to the Stone Circle.

The strange shape (likened to a seal balancing a ball on its nose) of this standing stone has less to do with the weathering effects of nature than with the destructive habit of 19th century drovers who chipped off small pieces to act as lucky charms and keep the Devil at bay. Thankfully this superstitious vandalism no longer goes on.

The Whispering Knights Dolmen

The 5000 year old burial chamber, believed to be part of a Neolithic long barrow . The Knights are a small group of five upright stones 400 yards away from the actual Stone Circle, who got their name because of the conspiratorial way in which they lean inwards towards each other as if they are plotting against their king.


  Pre – Investigation 

This was the third investigation by the Luton Paranormal Society at this location having investigated previously in 2008 and the stick man incident in 2011.

In 2011 a LPS investigator was making his way along the path from the Whispering Knights to the Kings men stone circle when he approach the corner of the pathway he could observe coming the other way down the path a Black Figure walking along the path which this investigator presumed was another investigator who was known for wearing long black leather coats.

Unfortunately the investigator observing the figure was making his own way along the path and so had no equipment on as his was not expecting to see anything at that time.  He could observe he figures arms and legs motions as you would expect with anyone walking.

However when he drew closer he observe that the figure appeared to be two dimensional and had no face and any other features including clothes it was completely black.


Black stick men are just that…walking stick figures, the kind you would draw as a child,

The figures have been described as unusually tall, black in appearance, lacking any facial or bodily features and very lean which is how this figure was described at this time.

Since both were coming along the path towards each other they should have met.  However to the investigators astonishment the figure turned left and went through some bushes.  When the investigator reached the same spot he found that there was a high metal fence in the bushes making access to get through impossible.

Investigation 2016  

It was then with some anticipation that the same investigator tried to repeat the previous conditions that lead to that strange encounter.  Unfortunately on this occasion despite being called out the Black Stick Figure did not show up.  However some high energy readings were observed in that location during the investigation.

One LPS member experienced equipment that would not work within the Kings men   circle itself, but started working when she took it out of the circle.  This was repeated three time with the same results.

Other members in the circle used an echo box with correct answers to questions coming back to the team and when the team, asked the name of one of the members.  Everyone heard the correct name mentioned.

Lastly at midnight a full moon appeared over the team as they sat talking in the middle of the circle which to some felt very calming and relaxing.

A full report is on our reports page

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