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The Luton Paranormal Society has been investigating the world of the paranormal since 2003.  The Luton Paranormal Society holds a number of different events throughout the year not all relating to haunting’s as we cover the wide range of paranormal activities including UFO’s and timeslips.

Most of our outdoor events are free to attend and some indoor places we have to hire.  We ask for a donation of £20 per year for  membership (see membership page for details)

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Taneka’s Spiritual Awareness Course

Now in Bedfordshire

With the Luton Paranormal Society 

Starting on, 16/03/17

An amazing 15 week course set up 20 years ago by Taneka, covering everything from Crystals to Table Tipping.

Donation fee of £2 every Thursday and £20 for LPS yearly membership which gives you a chance to go to LPS Paranormal events for a Year!

Discover your abilities!

Find out what you can do once you open up and use your Spiritual Senses, learning to use Crystals, Colours, Chakras, Pendulums, Crystal Ball, Scrying and many more!

Discover yourself

With a different Meditation every week, you will learn to listen to yourself & grow Spiritually.

Learn to quieten your mind and Discover the unknown,

Medication for the soul


Below; members of LPS and MVP take part in an investigation at Falstaff House 18.02.2017

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Friday 24th February 2017 – Leavesden Cemetery


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LPS Blog

St John Church Boughton Blog


 Pictured above; members of the LPS Investigation Team investigate St John Church Boughton

St John Church Boughton Blog


Boughton is a village just north of Northampton.  But less than a mile to the east everything lays the original site of Boughton and here you will find the ruins of the church of St John.

The Victoria County History described it thus in 1937:

The ruins of the old church of ST. JOHN stand to the north-east of Boughton Green on a site which falls from west to east. The building consisted of chancel, north chapel, nave, and west tower with spire and was of 14th-century date, but the remains have long been neglected and are undergoing a gradual process of disintegration by the agency of weather and the unchecked growth of ivy. The site is thickly overgrown and at the west end is a confused mass of rubble, broken gravestones, brambles, and nettles. Where the walls stand to any height their architectural features are generally hidden by ivy. Bridges, early in the 18th century, described the building as then ‘in ruins, without a roof, the walls in several parts levelled with the ground’, (but the tower and spire stood till about 1785.

But things were worse in the 16th century:
The rabbits invaded the churchyard itself, making the place so dangerous that the inhabitants were afraid to go to mass for fear of breaking their necks. It was said that the bones dug up by the conies would fill a scuttle and ‘that a man can go skantly in a corner of yt but he shall fynde it full of dead mennes bones, a thing most pytyous to be seen’. One of the parishioners stated that a ‘great number of conyes have so underminded the church yarde of Bouckton that it wold abhorre any Crystiane manys harte in the world to see it’.

Today the ruins are picturesque, but the steeply sloping churchyard makes it difficult to explore and there are disconcertingly recent burials.  There is also a spring issuing from beneath the east wall of the ruined chancel, making one think that this must be an ancient site whose sacredness predates Christianity.  St John Church also has the reputation of being the most haunted site in Northamptonshire.

Two hundred years ago it is alleged that a young couple who had been married only a few hours when the groom dropped dead. Grief stricken and unable to live without her love, the young lady ended her own life next to her husband’s grave.

And it continues:

Following on from the tale of the doomed newly weds, the most famous ghost is said to be that of a beautiful red haired woman. She entices male passers by, and asks for a kiss. Be warned, for the legend follows that if you receive a kiss from this young woman, you will come to your death exactly a month after. 

This is said to be the fate of William Parker. He was passing by the churchyard on Christmas Eve in 1875 when he met a beautiful red haired girl. She invited him to sit with her for a while. After saying farewell, the young woman vanished and sure enough, William died exactly one month later, to the day.

Again, on Christmas Eve, a moaning spirit makes his presence known. It is believed to be the spirit of Captain Slash, but why would he haunt the churchyard? Perhaps he is in search of the other members of his gang, ready to patrol the highways once more.

The spirits of children have been reportedly seen amongst the grave stones. There is evidence that several children are buried on the site. A figure of a woman in white robes, and a headless man have also been seen.

For further information please reference;


Paranormal Investigators began the investigation with a Victorian sing song and much laughter and hilarity which resulted in the ghost of a number of ghostly children being observed by mediums present standing nearby giggling along with the group.

Much has been said about Victorian Séances using singing as a tool to entice paranormal activity and this was no different with the spirit of a woman who was swaying standing behind the male members of the group as she was interested in attracting males.  Was this the spirit of the red haired woman?  We do not know but thankfully she did not kiss anyone.  Another male spirit observed the group from outside the ruins as he had no been allowed into the church in life and did not enter it even in death.

After the séance he group moved to a far corner the graveyard to a grave of a wealthy landowner who when alive owned the land where the cemetery was.  It was known that this was an angry spirit who should not be provoked.

No surprise then that when one of the investigators who was sat on his camping chair next to the grave of the landowner shouted out to this male spirit that he was going to buy up the land and built a badly designed house. The seat promptly collapsed under him leaving him lying flat on his back.  Further to this a voice came through an echovox with the words “Bastard” a number of times.

Was this the ghost exacting revenge or had the chair finally gave up the ghost?  Who knows but one thing for sure further investigation is required at this location.


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