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The Luton Paranormal Society has been investigating the world of the paranormal since 2003.  The Luton Paranormal Society holds a number of different events throughout the year not all relating to haunting’s as we cover the wide range of paranormal activities including UFO’s and timeslips.

Most of our outdoor events are free to attend and some indoor places we have to hire.  We ask for a donation of £20 per year for  membership (see membership page for details)

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LPS Next Event 

Friday  24th March  2017 – St Mary’s Church Stevington 

The Next LPS Investigation takes place at St Mary Church Stevington where water runs directly from the cemetery above to a small pool below so in effect the water may have directly run through the graves itself so feel free to take a drink.
LPS has visited this location on previous occasions where a figure in a large cape and brim hat is said to walk the grave yard. Previous LPS investigation have resulted in strange screams being heard by members, and white blobs being visibly observed along with sickly smells and other paranormal activity. See forthcoming events page for details  

LPS Blog

Datchworth 10.03.2017

 Pictured above; members of the LPS Investigation Team investigate All Saints Church Datchworth

Despite being Hertfordshire’s most notorious haunted location and the scene of a number of LPS investigations over the years that have resulted in a full blown apparition of a Victorian girl being observed running out of the main gate by a startled film crew investigating with LPS.

This evening the church area itself was a lot quieter and the team were restricted to a bride with black hair and wearing her wedding dress who repeatedly runs out of the church itself down to the main gates and disappears out into the road with her mascara running down her face and a Paster who stands by the main gate but is not connected to the bride.

However the path that runs to a nearby unnamed road was not so quiet with a spirit of a man with a cap who followed the team to the nearby road at which point a member of the team felt as if he had been punched in the chest.   The man with the cap did not follow the team onto the road which was probably just as well.

Once on the road members of the experienced an old style coach and horses going uphill towards the church at fast speed.  The coach contained two men one of whom was a farmhand and the other was felt to be a rich person.   Moments later this coach would return down the lane containing woman and both of the men.   The coach was heading towards the nearby Mardleybury Pond.   This incident was described by the members who could see it as a residual viewing and being replayed over and over again.

Therefore it made sense for the team to then head down to Mardleybury pond where it is known that in past times a woman was killed when a coach she was travelling in crash into the pond because it was going to fast downhill to go around the corner at the bottom of the hill. On the way back to the church where the team had parked up the spirit of the man with the cloth cap was again encountered sitting on one of the chairs waiting for the team to return and then he followed the team back to the churchyard.

Past LPS investigations at this location have resulted in a woman’s voice on EVP being heard calling for help. One this occasion the team encountered a number of cars that were going too fast for this particular road and it would seem that somethings do not change.  Although the cars were a distraction as the team did not want to get run over.  Members of the team still felt that at the bottom of this pond were some of the remains of the actual carriage itself.

Summing up it was an eventful evening in most places except the church area itself which was very quiet.

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