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The Luton Paranormal Society has been investigating the world of the paranormal since 2003.  We do not limit ourselves to investigating haunting’s.  We investigate everything under the paranormal umbrella including UFO and Timeslip activity .  If it is Paranormal then LPS is there to investigate. We hope you enjoy our website and thank you for looking.

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Tewin Blog


This LPS investigation which was well attended certainly started with a bang and the fireworks just kept coming.  While most, would automatically head for St Peters Church and its famous haunting. LPS went first to the remains of Tewin house to search for the ghost of Lady Sabine who is said to walk the area.

Unfortunately further historical research for Lady Sabine has revealed not very much about her.   Standing at the location of Tewin House the team began with a séance and the name Rebecca was picked up.  However, not long into the séance a local resident decided to put on a firework display ending the séance with a bang.

The team then moved to St Peters Church which is a reportedly haunted location and is mentioned in Betty Puckeridge’s “Haunted Hertfordshire” among other well respected author’s books which mention the grave of Lady Anne Grimston (1780) who not believing in an afterlife during her earthly days scoffed that trees would ruin her tomb if she was wrong.  Sure enough her tomb is now ruined by a very large tree that has split the stone open.  Another legend has it  that on the stroke of midnight on new year’s eve the devil will appear.

LPS has visited this location many times and again this location did not disappoint with a black shadow figure of a man observed walking through two trees who then promptly disappeared  and another member who was physically tapped on the back of his shoulder and went he turned around there was no one there.  Sounds of footsteps by unseen people including two young girls one of whom was thought to be about six years of age and another which could have been something else posing as a child.

For this investigation in the churchyard, the team then broke up into two smaller groups to cover more ground and undertake a number of experiments and further séances.  Both groups encountered experiences that baffled members.

When the teams gathered together as one group towards the end of the night for a EVP/SPIRIT box session near to the grave of Lady Anne Grimstone.  They appeared to be getting some positive answers to questions being asked by members, quite a few different names and a number of different sounds were heard by members whilst this was taking place and these require further analysis.


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