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 Rose Grove Woods  Investigation 7th October 2016


Pictured Above: Members of the Investigation Team at Rose Grove Woods 

Ann Noblett Unsolved Murder 30.12.1957


Background – Murder most foul – The Murder of Ann Noblett is unsolved and remains a mystery to this  despite a police investigation at the time that failed to find the culprit responsible.  Ann Noblett was just seventeen years of age and lived in Batford in a road called Marshall Heath Lane.  Ann was described as a quiet girl who loved to just live at home.

On the night of her murder Ann had been to Lourdes Hall in Harpenden for Rock’n’Roll Lessons which were very popular at the time.  It was six o clock on the evening of 30th December 1957 when Ann got off the local bus on her way home.  The lane was dark and very quiet except for a scooter being ridden by local girl Shirley Edwards who passed Ann by as she would later state to the police. This would be the last time that Ann would be seen alive. Ann Nobletts Frozen body was found in Rose Grove Wood some seven miles away and almost a month later.

The motive appears to have been sexual as the police found that some of her clothing had been removed. The post mortem showed that death by strangulation occurred shortly after Ann had disappeared and that food Ann had eaten that day was still undigested in her stomach.

However the location of where she was killed remained a mystery as was how her lifeless body had been carried into the wood itself.  Another mystery for the police was to ascertain if Ann knew the driver of the car and had got into the car of her own free will or if she had been abducted by force and then taken to a mystery location.

Ann’s lifeless body was discovered by Leading Airman Hugh Symonds of the RAF.  Ann’s body was not visible form the lane itself, but lay about 20 yards inside the woods as though asleep.   This in itself would not have been strange except for the fact that the police had searched this area of the woods sometime on New Years Eve along with 300 local people and Scotland Yards finest without success.

Anns body was frozen not to be unexpected for December.  But December 1957 was a exceptionally mild winter and it appeared to the police that she had been hidden away in a deep freezer.  Henceforth this case would forever be known as the “Deep Freeze Murder”.  Unlike today not many homes had a deep freezer at that time so police conducted searches of homes and businesses known to have a deep freezer and again draw a blank.

People who live in Marshalls Heath told police that on the day that Ann disappeared they had noticed a black car being driven by a middle aged man wearing horn rimmed spectacles.  After the murder neither the man nor the car were ever seen again.  Police then contacted weathermen about the weather for that day and called biology experts to look at plant growth under the body which led to the result that plan growth under the body was two weeks shorter than plant growth around the body. This is crucial l as surely the body would have thawed over two weeks

Police also suspected local residents as the person may have had to now the local area and then it would require strength to carry Ann form the lane to the wooded area as Ann weighed over eleven stones.  Police also found that Ann who was fully clothed when found had in fact been stripped naked and re-dressed by the killer.  Further to this

When Ann Noblett’s lifeless body was discovered in Rose Grove Wood, also found were a number of coins from her purse, amounting to thirty shillings (£1.50). Had the killer deliberately placed them there to suggest Ann had lost no property? – a cunning act in times when the death penalty had been abolished, except for murder in certain circumstances, including the furtherance of theft. For, if her killer was caught and could prove he had not stolen anything, he would not hang. Better if he could prove he had raped and murdered Ann, rather than robbed her, an offence, however unjustly, not carrying the death penalty. The coins were examined for fingerprints, but seemingly none were found.

As a result of this murder local residents demanded street lights for Marshalls Heath and they were installed and serve as testimony to this tragic event. Anne (and her family) are buried in the main Anglican Church in the centre of town.   Ignore the path leading across left up to the church itself but go straight on into the graveyard via the lower entrance and walk along with the bottom wall on your right. After about 50 yards Anne`s grave and family lie on the right at the end of that section. There are two of them are laying side by side. On her grave there is no mention as to how she died i.e. murdered. The police report said that she was suffocated.

Paranormal Background – In 1974 a pig farm reported paranormal activity of doors locking and unlocking by themselves and a solid figure of a girl was seen by a worker playing in a corner of the barn area. When the worker approached to speak to the girl she simply vanished into thin air.

A séance was held in 2000 where it is widely believed by those present that the spirit of Ann Noblett made contact who named the killer as a man who at the time was still alive and worked at Whipsnade Zoo.

Pre-Investigation information – It is important to acknowledge that apart from Andy F no other member of LPS had any knowledge or information about this murder.

 Marshall Heath Lane – Séance held

Andy G feels that a black Car is parked on the road just before the houses on a grassy area.  Andy G feels that the girl he is picking up is wearing a red jumper and a black skirt. Lee F observes a figure seen near one of the tree in the trees like a small flash of light.  Charlotte observes a shadowed figure peeking out from behind a different tree that was a few metres away from the group, this shadow figure was very wary of the investigators and kept peeking its head in and out of the tree.

 Rose Grove woods – Due to the overgrowth access into the woods is very difficult. However the team stop at a spot where the sensitive members feel that that area feels different to the rest of the woods.

Séance held – Andy G feels that there is spot in the woods that does like feel like the rest of the wood.

Paranormal Experiment – The team use a Echovox and the first word that came out was Grave which was relevant and then Rose which considering where the team were standing in Rose Grove woods was again relevant.  The team then use and Olivus three and the name Murry came out followed by the words Found and Hallow then Business and property.  All produced strong signal strength and the final word was pendent which promoted the team to look for a pendent in the undergrowth without success.

 St Helens Church – Visit to Ann Noblett grave.  At the grave itself Andy F along with other members of the team felt an intense sadness at the graveside.  Photographs were taken of Andy F next to the grave that contained orbs.

Analysis – Why did LPS investigate this murder? – LPS took a decision to investigate this unsolved murder in the hope that we could shed some light on this murder since the police were unable to do this. We were also contacted by someone who was a local resident at the time of the murder for whom we are extremely grateful for the information he gave us to help us investigate this murder although it worth pointing out he was just 15 at the time and has had an interest in this all his life.

Upon reflection whilst we were also unable to ascertain who the murderer was as well.  We did pick up on the black car and it would be worth know what the colour of her clothes were on the day of the murder was it a red top and a black dress?

Without doubt the atmosphere around Ann Noblett grave is one of the saddest I have ever encountered in 13 years of paranormal investigation – Andrew Fazekas

Hello Again Andrew,
Very many thanks for the work of yourself and colleagues in investigating this tragic case.  Whilst I realise that you will no longer be working on it, I assume that the name Murry, a worker at Whipsnade Zoo, the description of the black car and the man with the horn rimmed glasses, the words `found`, `hallow` and `pendent` will be further investigated by someone,- possibly the local paper?
Have not heard of the equipment ECHOVOX or OLIVUS 3, sounds to be interesting. If I lived nearer I would probably join your group.
If anything further does develop I would be pleased to hear of it. Again with thanks to all.
Sincerely,  Rex Harpham.

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