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The Luton Paranormal Society has been investigating the world of the paranormal since 2003.  The Luton Paranormal Society holds a number of different events throughout the year not all relating to haunting’s as we cover the wide range of paranormal activities including UFO’s and timeslips.

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Friday 9th September – Elstow Church and Abbey


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Marston Moretaine  Investigation


Pictured above; members of the Investigation Team  

Marston Moretaine  investigation

19th August 2016

It is not surprising that the legend of the Devil’s Jump-stone should belong to Bedfordshire, home of the most famous Puritan author, John Bunyan, given that the story is a grave warning against sport on the Sabbath – his own epiphany came one Sunday when he was playing not praying.

In a field near the village there is an ancient stone. One Sunday the devil, who was busily engaged in trying to carry off the church tower – explaining why it’s separate from the main body of the church – noticed that three young lads were in that field playing at leapfrog instead of observing the holy day in a more fit and proper manner. Recognizing the chance to add to his stock of souls Satan sprang down to join their game, alighting on the stone itself. The foolish lads were tricked by him making a back for them to jump over, and one by one they took up the challenge, leaping over the stranger. But rather than land on the earth beyond him, they found that a gaping hole leading straight to hell had opened up, and all three plunged down it to eternal damnation. The hole closed above them, and all that was left to tell the tale was the Devil’s Jump-stone – and the church tower that old Nick had shifted before finding more fruitful sport


English Civil War

During a Civil War skirmish, the cavaliers retreated into a tunnel that led from the church to the rectory. Rather than follow them in, roundhead troops sealed both ends of the tunnel. The trapped cavaliers slowly died and the last sounds heard were of the drummer boy beating his drum. His instrument is supposed to be still heard beating in the village on windy days.


Luton Paranormal Society had not investigated at his location since around 2004 in its infancy.  Now with the added use of a thermal imaging camera on a LPS investigation for the first time hopes of finding paranormal activity were high.

During this investigation members did hear sounds of movement coming from inside the tower while stood by the tower door which for one member seemed to be in a state of constant vibration.  The church cat also put in an appearance startling another member as it sat by the graves.

Most members felt that the rear of the church seemed to be the most unsettling area next to a tree and it was at the this location using various experiments using the Echovox and Olivus Three that a possible spirit named as Alf briefly made himself known through the Echovox.  Another name that came up was Talbot.

The area itself felt calm and was in terms of paranormal activity very quiet.  However the team are yet to analyse sound recordings for any EVP and who knows we may find that we were not as alone as we thought at the time

More to follow shortly…….

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