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LPS members pictured above celebrated the society’s 13th Birthday on 14th May 2016 in style with an investigation at Derby Gaol which included three locations.  Photographs are currently on our facebook site more to follow shortly
St Neotts Museum[4]

LPS Next Investigation

Saturday 18th June 2016 – Rollright Stones Ancient Stone Circle



Derby Gaol Investigation 14.5.2016

LPS celebrated 13 years of Paranormal Investigation holding an investigation at Derby Gaol.  This was the second investigation that LPS had conducted at the Gaol the first having taken place on 9th April 2005.  Much had changed since then not just to the Gaol itself but also to two other added locations at Vernon gate in access to a Martello tower and the hanging room.

The old “Derby Gaol” can be found under numbers 50 and 51 Friargate in Derby. It is said to be one of the most haunted spots in the country.  The jail (“gaol” is an old-fashioned variant of the word) was used between 1756 and 1828 and was originally (it’s believed) two separate cell blocks – in fact, it’s thought the facilities could continue under neighbouring properties, too).  It is now a museum and much of the jail has been restored to its former condition.

The Vernon Street Prison served as the County Gaol from 1843 to 1919, at which time it was demolished. The last public execution at Derby of Richard Thorley for the murder of Eliza Morrow took place here in 1862. From 1919 to 1929 the prison acted as a military prison

While members were standing outside the gaol entrance a ghostly face was caught on camera staring at the group.  Another member saw a figure who seemed to have a mask on similar to something made out of cardboard. On entering the building a member had a strong feeling of his neck being pulled very tightly.

During the investigation in the main corridor distinctive whistles were heard inside the building itself during the night and on one occasion a whistle appeared to come from an area in between three members of the group as if an invisible person was stood between them

One member is sat in the police museum in the dark and a light anomaly appears to go up his right shoulder and into his neck.  This light anomaly is shape changing in appearance.  A number of orbs are caught on film both on the stairs at the Martello tower and the main corridor at Derby goal some are attributed to dust others are less easy to analyse.

A static camera is situated in the main corridor of the Gaol where no one is located and yet loud bangs are head right next to the camera and the sound recorder stops working

A few minutes in and a member has made contact with a spirit. Other members both asked questions. He wasn’t friendly and whenever one member spoke he kept saying “Nag nag nag why don’t you shut up”. He then proceeded to talk about the man he’d stabbed and how he had stabbed another down in London: that his mother was a whore and he didn’t care if he died, that he just wanted to be left alone. After a few questions one member said well at least you can’t hurt anyone else now and he said “you wanna bet” and the member who had become possessed began to pump his fists at which point other members in the cell had to call for assistance.

Probably the weirdest incident came at the end of the night when a member was standing on one side of the bar talking to the museum curator and on the bar inbetween them was a bottle of water. At the end of the conversation the member went to pick up the bottle and it was gone.  A search was made including the dustbins and the bottle was never found and even now it is still reported as missing …….




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