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A Brief introduction 

The Luton Paranormal Society is a paranormal group for those people who wish to study all forms of paranormal activity including UFO, Crop circles, Timeslips, Big foot, Astral Projection,  Past life regression, Hauntings, near death experience, vampires, werewolves, ESP, and Zombies to name just a few.  If this is for you then please contact us further as membership is open all year round.  

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Roundhouse Investigation


On a warm and pleasant evening whilst others thoughts turned to spirits in the pub, LPS were out looking for spirits of a different kind in the area of Brogborough.

This location included the ruin of a 17th Century Roundhouse farmhouse, and more modern buildings like a barn and motte and pathway.  The last time LPS visited this location was 2nd March 2012 and the reports from that night can be found on the LPS website.

Poltergeist activity has been recorded at this location on past investigations and whilst inside undertaking a experiment the team heard a loud bang inside the room and the sound of something like a rock or stone hitting the floor.  Of course in order to identify the source instead of just assuming everything is paranormal.  The team did find two pigeons in the remains of the roof and a mouse scurrying around but nothing that could produce what the team had heard.

The team using new equipment for the first time were able to observe two stick figures appear on a screen directly in front of them.  However this only happened when one of the team spoke and not when others spoke.  All team members agreed that this location requires further investigation.

EVP and Olivus experiments followed which are still to be analysed along with film and photographs taken and reports will also follow shortly…..

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LPS Involvment in the media

Above: Paranormal Diaries Clophill Featuring the Luton Paranormal Society and its members who took part in this film.  The film had its international release at the Canne Film Festival  and was shown later at the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square London as part of a weekend of Horror known as Fright Fest.  The film was then released onto DVD in this country and received numerous, highly complementary views.


 Interview with a Ghost Hunter Featuring LPS

Bedfordshire on Sunday Investigates with LPS

 Langdon does the Paranormal featuring LPS

LPS Investigation Footage  – Unknown light

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