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A Brief introduction 

The Luton Paranormal Society has been investigating the world of the paranormal since 2003.  We do not limit ourselves to investigating haunting’s.  We investigate everything under the paranormal umbrella including UFO and Timeslip activity .  If it is Paranormal then LPS is there to investigate. We hope you enjoy our website and thank you for looking.

LPS is currently open to membership at £20 for one year or for a trial period only £10 for six months.

 This website contains a number of pages  as follows;
  • About LPS – A brief history of the society and its constitution.
  • Forthcoming events – List of investigations and events.
  • Film – Watch actual footage of LPS Investigations
  • Photographs – investigation photographs
  • EVP  – Listen to sound recordings from investigations
  • Reports – Full Investigation Reports of haunted locations
  • Blogs – For those who just want a brief synopsis of investigations
  • Media /Press – Public  reports on LPS
  • Public Stories – Your paranormal experiences shared with LPS
  • Merchandise – Want to show you are a member of the investigating team ?  Order your items here.
  • Membership – Interested in joining ?
  • Web Links – LPS Links to other organisations
  • Need our help – LPS does not charge a fee to help you
  • Contact us – Need more information then contact us
Up Next –  Friday  23rd June  2017 – Fotheringhay 

Mary Queen of Scots was Beheaded at this location

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 Interested ?   Want to do this for yourself ? Would you like to join ?  Luton Paranormal Society is open to membership all year round.  Membership is a donation of just £20 and all events are free to attend where stated.  Please see our membership page for details. 

    From the LPS Files 

 The Haunted Rose and Crown Public house in Hemel Hempstead where LPS conducted an overnight investigation see further on this website for details of what took place.  

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Whilst you are free to look at the information on this website.  The information is copyrighted to the Luton Paranormal Society where stated.  Please ask for permission if you wish to use information from this site – Thank you.


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