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Saturday 28th January 2017 – Sharnbrook Theatre

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 Stanton Low Blog 13.01.2017

Sub Zero Temperatures, A clear sky and a full moon.  Tales of legends such as werewolves and long dead villagers who could change shape into any form they wanted could not deter the Luton Paranormal Society from undertaking a fourth investigation at this site.

Pictured above and below members of the Investigation Team at Stanton Low on Friday 13th January 2017 

Despite having a plan for the investigation this was thrown out when during the séance the team were visited by the spirit of a woman called Lisa.  EMF meters around the building and other specialised equipment being used by the team were constantly coming on to the full readings.  Other possible reasons non paranormal was explored and ruled out as Lisa moved and stood behind various members of the team making her presence felt.

Communication with Lisa took place through using lights displays for right or wrong answers and so Lisa story unfolded.  She had worked as Librarian and was about 5 foot five with blonde hair.  She had taken her own life sometime between 2010 to 2014 by taking and overdose of tablets for depression.   When asked if she had been emotionally abused all of the equipment lights shot up to the top of the range reading.

Some of the members who were mediums also picked up that she was wearing a white nightie and had shoulder length hair and had not taken the tables in order to kill herself but as a desperate cry for help.  She was warm and friendly but also her story was sad and enough to physically upset some members of the team.

So why was she grounded at the church ?  Lisa liked to walk around the area to find peace away from her troubles and was unable to move on.   The team did try to help Lisa move on but she was afraid to take that step and so remains at the church.

The team did encounter a male spirit called John who literally passed through the team and was gone as quickly as he had come.

So on a bitterly cold night and a full moon there was no howling and the local werewolf failed to show up. However a modern story emerged that sadly is not uncommon today…….


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