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The Luton Paranormal Society has been investigating the world of the paranormal since 2003.  The Luton Paranormal Society holds a number of different events throughout the year not all relating to haunting’s as we cover the wide range of paranormal activities including UFO’s and timeslips.

Most of our events are free and membership is £20 per year.

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Friday 7th October – Rose Grove Woods 


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 Fingest   Investigation 23rd September 2016


Pictured Above: Members of the Investigation Team at Fingest 

Fingest Blog 23.09.2016

A good turnout of LPS members made the long journey to investigate all of the legends and myths only to uncover more spiritual activity in the churchyard of two young children a boy who keeps crying and a young girl both of whom were picked up in far corner of the cemetery where the rubbish is dumped from the graves.

The ghost of Henry Burghersh, 14th-century Bishop of Lincoln, is reputed to haunt the area.  The Green Forester or Green Man of Fingest is said to have reputedly haunted the churchyard of the Norman St Batholomews and Chequers Lane as he walks between the site of the old manor house and the church.

There seems to have been some conjecture as to whether the Bishop Burghesh’s ghost was successfully exorcised with the land being being made available to villagers once more and suggestions that this repentant bishop was somehow morphed if only in folklore into a ‘Green Man’ figure common in pagan traditions.

Another member sensed someone walking with bare and dirty feet covered in dry dirt and a horse and carriage were also sensed in Chequers lane.

A phantom Black Dog is said to haunt Fingest Lane between the village of Fingest and Skirmett.  Sadly despite a long walk the dog was nowhere to be seen.




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