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Luton Paranormal Society was founded in 2003 and is a historical based group that uses a scientific approach to investigating the whole spectrum of the paranormal.  As well as investigations LPS has particapated in a number of community and media projects over the years such as The movie “Clophill” The Paranormal Diaries (see below).

Luton Paranormal Society is not limited to hauntings and we investigate the whole paranormal spectrum including Crop Circles, UFO activity, Big Foot, Timeslips, hauntings other paranormal areas.  We are open year all round for membership, So if this is of interest to you please contact us further for details or go to our membership page.

LPS  members were the paranormal investigators who were seen  in the movie “The Paranormal Diaries Clophill” .  The film had its world premiere on 24 August 2013 at the London FrightFest Film Festival and featured in the Cannes Film Festival.

What you can find here on our website


The hauntings section contains Investigation Reports, EVP, Film, photographs and of LPS investigations from hundreds of locations visited by LPS across the UK 

To access hauntings,  Simply click on the hauntings tab where you will be offered a choice of counties in England. 

Then click on your chosen county tab for your chosen location.    Here you will be offered a choice of haunted locations related to that area. 

Simply choose the location you wish to know more about in terms of its paranormal history and click on the tab which will then open up the page.

The hauntings pages inludes reports, photographs, film and EVP taken at each location along with historical information. 

The latest report for viewing  is our investigation at the Roundhouse in Brogborough on 28.09.2018.   


Alien and UFO  Investigations

The UFO section contians Investigation Reports, Film and photographs of LPS investigations across the UK and USA. The UFO page contains photographs and reports of UFO activity that LPS has and continues to investigate

Paranormal Esoterica

Unusual &  Mysteries & Topics

The world of the paranormal is not just limited to ghosts and UFO’s.  LPS covers the whole paranormal spectrum and this page covers other areas such as Big Foot, Crop Circles, Timeslips and anything else of interest including past life regression.        

Crop Circles

LPS has been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to investigate crop circles  and we are going to be looking into this more over the coming months. If you are into Crop Circles we would love to hear from you.  

Big Foot and Mothman 

Pictured above; Big Foot.  While below is an alledged photo of Moth Man.  LPS has investigated both Big Foot and Mothman over the years and continues to do so.  if this is your area of interest then we would like to hear from you as this can also enhance our research.  

And lastly

our own favourite paranormal subject



Whilst the UK does have some strange cases of timeslips  we are probally one of the few groups even attempting to try and understand these and again if you have experinced this then we would like to hear from you about what happened and where.  


For those who prefer a short overview of our investigations instead of reading the investigation reports.  The blogs give you a brief insight of what took place on a investigation.

The latest blog features our recent investigation on 12.10.2018 at Kensworth.


If any of the above has got your interest.  Please be aware that LPS is not just limited to the above and you could help widen our field of paranormal investigation by bringing your area of interest and knowledge to our society.   

We are currently open to membership and you do not need any experince to join us.  Please see the membership page or email andy@lutonparanormal.com for more detials .  We look forward to hearing from you.  Then simply go to our membership page for more detials and download the form to send to us. 


The Luton Paranormal Society  offers help and support for anyone who is in need of our suppport  and maybe experiencing Paranormal activity.  

Other LPS Social Media sites  

Where you can chat to LPS members and friends of LPS online simply go to https://www.facebook.com/LutonParanormalSociety

Here you can watch our investigations and view paranormal activity as it happens;


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Please be aware that all information on this website is copyrighted to LPS.  Please contact us for permission to use information. 


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