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The Luton Paranormal Society has been investigating the world of the paranormal since 2003.  We do not limit ourselves to investigating hauntings.  We investigate everything under the paranormal umbrella including UFO and Timeslip activity .  If it is Paranormal then LPS is there to investigate.
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LPS News In Brief 
Our next event is on Friday   26th May  2017 – Wilstead Woods 

LPS will be attempting to solve its second murder mystery case in less than a year very shortly

Nellie Rault was murdered in Wilstead woods in 1919 and no one was ever convicted. Nellie who worked as a cook at the officer’s mess in Haynes was a friendly and popular girl. But on May 10, 1917 she failed to turn up to roll call. After a three day search her body, stabbed several times in the chest and back, was discovered in the undergrowth just 150 metres from the camp’s gates. Her story sparked national interest but no one was ever charged with Nellie’s murder. Her grave is at St Mary’s Church in Haynes Park. More information will be made known to members attending prior to the night in question.

Thank you for your support of LPS

LPS Blog

LPS Private Investigation 


February – March 2017

There is much more to the Luton Paranormal Society than just organising paranormal investigations and social events.   The society also makes a contribution to the local community by undertaking paranormal investigations through call outs and helping out where we can.

In order to help with call outs a specialised team from the membership is selected who are not just knowledgeable about paranormal activity and methods used. But also can be tactful and able to fully understand the emotional needs of the client are chosen for each individual case.

During the period of February to March 2017, Luton Paranormal Society has been undertaking one such case over a period of time in order to fully investigate the location and analyse the results.  This way we can then best advise the client on a course of action and fully support them.

AC owned a house in Luton.  Paranormal events experienced include smells – both foul and florally; orbs/rods – seen both through camera and with naked eye in broad daylight; icy cold spots; adult size ‘pixelated’ area in dining room; small pets being let out of cages and being found in wardrobes in early hours; name calling; hearing someone come in back door; rattling cutlery in drawer, footsteps up the stairs, shadow under closed door; x-box disc living in machine for playing, found balanced on bracket behind TV, full length body weight on bed behind AC; scratching; being shaken awake when dozing on sofa; a friend being pushed through doorways; hearing name being called; being poked in back when sleeping; hearing short ‘zip-zip’ bee-like buzzing sound in ear when trying to sleep at night; vibration down centre of mattress – nothing felt on edge.

On the first investigation and upon entering the house a few members of the team felt that there was a feeling of depression in the house, while setting up equipment members of the team found a cold spot up at the top of the stairs.  Entering the living room some felt there was someone sat in the chair behind the living room door; other members felt someone sat in the arm chair next to the window.  Unknown sounds were heard and members saw a flash of light in the small bedroom.

Olivius 5 (which is a small device used for alleged spirit communication) came out with the words “unholy, Jumped, and crayon”.   At this time some members could see a fog at the bottom of the stairs, most of the Team felt dizzy at the top of the stairs. K2 meter (which measures Electromagnetic fields) was flashing in the main bedroom and another K2 meter was flashing in the hallway which was evidence of an Electromagnetic field being present.   In addition to this another device that is used to allegedly pick up spiritual energy and is called a REM Pod was also flashing.  The team encountered a temperature drop at the top of the stairs.

The team also lit a candle and invited the sprit to blow this candle, or make a bang, or make a tap and a beeping noise came from behind them. The team heard a growling noise and investigated for a source of this but nothing was found.   During this period the team felt that there was more than one spirit here and the team heard a movement upstairs.

One team member saw an orb go straight across her eyes. Another felt her throat feeling tight and her chest; also the team experienced the front room getting very cold.  The team heard a woman’s voice respond to questions asked

The team decided to do a séance in the dining room and one member feels very uncomfortable and aware of a feeling of extreme discomfort about what we are doing (i.e. paranormal investigation). At one point during the séance, a team member feels movement under the table and is also pinched very hard on the lower right leg. No mark is found, but the sensation is very intense. It was clear that spirits did not like the séance going on so this was ended and the team undertook a process of making sure that this had been closed down properly.

Equipment began started to suffer battery failure and other team members were being physically touched or were unable to focus properly as Spirits tried to control some members bodies.

On the second investigation one member was told “Look for the dictionary” and is puzzled.  A thesaurus is found and when it was opened on L’… lodger. This was exactly the same word another member had been saying the investigation is going to be conducted more along the lines of the team behaving like lodgers in the house.

A shadow person was seen in the dining area when the team were talking where he then came forth wagging his finger at one of the investigators saying “Shut up” repeatedly and then vanished.  Footsteps were heard upstairs in the bedroom. Meanwhile another members is sitting on the top step of the stairs and jumps out of her skin when she sees a fleeting dark shadow go across her legs and feels a definite rush of movement go past resulting in a big creak on the next step down!

Various sound recorders were used over two evenings of investigations with the following results captured on audio.  The spirit responses are voices heard on the audio recordings that are not team members or the property owners and there is no explanation for these voices on the recordings.

Question – Can you make the different coloured lights flash for us please?

  • Spirit Response – No
  • Question – Are you just visiting here?
  • Unknown source of  response – I’ve been seen
  • One team members states Barnet and another team member respond “oh Barnet”
  • Spirit interaction is heard saying what sounds like Barnet conqueror


During filming a number of orbs and light anomalies and one illuminated spider were caught on film.  A number of these orbs could be put down to dust or other pieces of debris floating on the air currents.  However some light anomalies and orbs could not be explained and no cause has been found for what they were.



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