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LPS is now open  for membership,  To join you must be aged over 18 and have your own transport to get to and from locations.  Please see the membership page for more details.

Who are LPS?

Luton Paranormal Society was founded in 2003 and is a historical based group that uses a scientific approach to investigate the whole spectrum of the paranormal.  As well as investigations LPS has participated in several community and media projects over the years such as the movie “Clophill” The Paranormal Diaries. Luton Paranormal Society is not limited to hauntings and we investigate the whole paranormal spectrum including Crop Circles, UFO activity, Big Foot, Timeslips, hauntings other paranormal areas.

Since 2003 LPS has conducted over 600 investigations at locations across the uk and built up friendships with other clubs and organisations to the benefit of the paranormal community.

Supporting the community.

LPS is a not for Profit organisation and supports charities and other organisations throughout the year through funding raised through investigations.  All funds raised from a venue that we hire goes to that organisation and not to LPS.

How much is yearly membership and what does this involve?

LPS membership is £15 per year and for this you get;

  • Access to approximately 24 events and investigations per year
  • Access to several UFO investigations
  • Access to a British bigfoot investigation
  • Access to a crop circle investigation
  • Access to locations where timeslips have been known to occur
  • Access to daytime haunted investigations indoor and outdoor
  • Access to nighttime haunted investigations indoor and outdoor
  • Access to social events
  • Access to LPS days out this year it is a jack the ripper tour and London dungeons.
  • An opportunity to learn how to use equipment and compile reports which is an important part of an investigation.
  • Free Car Sticker
  • Friendship and support from members when times are bad outside of the society events

What LPS does not do !

  • Cheap and quick thrills to try to scare you silly
  • Charge over the top prices as we are accountable to you
  • Pack you all in like sardines at a venue just to get your money
  • Visit the same locations as everyone else as we visit locations that are not on the paranormal Rader
  • Put pressure on you to join LPS
  • Not allow you to join other clubs while you are with us, you can join as many as you want.

Lastly thank you for taking the time to read this if you need further advice please contact lutonparanormal@gmail.com

LPS Social Media Sites

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Where you can chat to LPS members and friends of LPS online simply go to   https://www.facebook.com/LutonParanormalSociety/notifications/

LPS Investigations on You Tube


LPS Blog

For those who prefer a short overview of our investigations instead of reading the investigation reports.  The blog page gives you a brief insight of what took place on a investigation.

The blog page was updated on 24.03.2020 Crawley Green Cemetery, Luton.

Media Coverage

This is where you can find all LPS press related articles

As well as investigations LPS has participated in a number of community and media projects over the years such as The movie “Clophill” The Paranormal Diaries .

LPS  members were the paranormal investigators who were seen  in the movie “The Paranormal Diaries Clophill” .  The film had its world premiere on 24 August 2013 at the London FrightFest Film Festival and featured in the Cannes Film Festival.

What you can find on our website


The hauntings section contains Investigation Reports, EVP, Film, photographs and of LPS investigations from hundreds of locations visited by LPS across the UK 

To access hauntings,  Simply click on the hauntings tab where you will be offered a choice of counties in England. 

Then click on your chosen county tab for your chosen location.    Here you will be offered a choice of haunted locations related to that area. 

Simply choose the location you wish to know more about in terms of its paranormal history and click on the tab which will then open up the page.

The hauntings pages includes reports, photographs, film and EVP taken at each location along with historical information. 

The latest haunted report for viewing  is our investigation at  Great Wymondley 07.02.2020

EVP Investigation Recordings

Advocates of Electronic Voice Projection (EVP) claim they can use radio equipment to communicate with the dead. But are they just hearing what they want to hear? 

Demonic laughter that was unheard at the time, but caught on a recorder for more on this visit the EVP page and decide for yourself what you are hearing.  

For other paranormal activity please visit our Esoterica Unusual & Mysteries & Topics Ancient Civilizations & Mysteries page. 

 For more on the Paranormal Realm, Fortean Events, Secret Societies, Prophecies, The Unexplained – Orbs – Stickmen – Black Shuck 

 The latest UPDATE 19.06.2019 for viewing is a topic about Black Shucks.   

British Bigfoot

Did you know that the British Bigfoot is

(a) often encountered near ancient sites;

(b) described as being spectral, rather than physical;

(c) seen where other strange animals roam; and

(d) confronted at the “landing site” of the U.K.’s most famous UFO incident, places matters in a very weird light.  Put all of these issues together and what we have is a creature that is clearly not a creature, after all.  Please go to the Big Foot page for more information on this subject.


The Mothman has been described as so many different things that it can be hard to get an idea of what it actually looks like. Some witnesses have said it resembles a “Gothic gargoyle,” while others have claimed it just looks like “a big owl.” Several have called it “a large, black, bat-like being with glowing red eyes.”

 While these accounts vary, most witnesses seem to agree that this creature can fly and is often spotted in the sky.  Please go to the Mothman page for more information on this subject.


Many people have reported such an experience during a journey, when the last reliable reference remembered of time is that of a clock striking or a news report on the radio, only to find that the next time the individual becomes fully aware of time, more time than expected has elapsed in contradiction to what would have been expected. The individual is then unable to account for the lost time. Please go to the Timeslip page for more information on this subject.

UFO  Investigations

Some people have had spectacular sightings, clearly seeing a craft, and occasionally even extra-terrestrial beings. But most sightings are limited to distant lights in the skies. Often there is a conventional explanation – such as Chinese lanterns. But often there is not. There is nothing irrational about seeing a craft from another planet, and the idea that “we are not alone” is becoming ever more common.  The UFO Page was updated on 01.09.2019 

Crop Circles

LPS has been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to investigate crop circles  and we are going to be looking into this more over the coming months.  If you are into Crop Circles we would love to hear more from you.  Please go to the Crop Circles page for more information on this subject.


This page is where you can read some of our  files from our investigations and reports from members of the public. for full reports on locations please go to the relevant report.  Updated 02.02.2020  report on Wheeler End Common

The Luton Paranormal Society  offers help and support for anyone who is in need of our support  and maybe experiencing  unwanted Paranormal activity. There is no charge for this support.   


Copyright Notice

Please be aware that all information on this website is copyrighted to LPS.  Please contact us for permission to use information. 


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