History of LPS


A brief history of Luton Paranormal Society  

  •  2003 Luton Paranormal Society (LPS) is founded by Andrew Fazekas to provide a forum for like minded people in the community to meet up and investigate the world of the paranormal for themselves.
  • 2007 Langdon Investigates (They are a small documentary team) investigates with the LPS at Datchworth.  They witness a small ghostly girl come out of the church gate for themselves (see film and reports page).
  • 2007 LPS becomes the first paranormal group to investigate Wardown Museum in Luton (see film and reports page).
  • 2008 LPS investigates the Knife and Cleaver in Houghton Conquest with the Bedfordshire on Sunday Press who not only film the investigation but also experience events themselves (see film  and media and reports page).
  • 2010 LPS takes part in an investigation of the infamous St Marys Church which sits on a hill above the village of Clophill in Bedfordshire. The investigation was to form part of a documentary style film directed and produced by Michael Bartlett and Kevin Gates about the strange happenings at the site.  The film had its international release at the Canne Film Festival in 2013 and was shown later at the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square London as part of a weekend of Horror known as Fright Fest.  The film was then released onto DVD in this country and received numerous, highly complementary views.
  • 2017 LPS becomes the first club to investigate Bromham Mill in Bedfordshire.   LPS Celebrates Fourteen years and 350 investigations undertaken.


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