On this page you can listen to EVP captured on sound recorders from actual LPS Investigations simply click on the arrow of your chosen EVP and listen to the recording.

Private Investigation Luton  February – March 2017 

Various sound recorders were used over two evenings of investigations with the following results captured on audio.  The spirit responses are voices heard on the audio recordings that are not team members or the property owners and there is no explanation for these voices on the recordings.

  • One team members states Barnet and another team member respond “oh Barnet”
  • Spirit interaction is heard saying what sounds like Barnet conqueror
  • Question – Are you just visiting here?
  • Spirit Response – I’ve been seen

Question – Can you make the different coloured lights flash for us please?

  • Spirit Response – No

Investigation at Falstaff House 18.02.2017

Recording made during the seance we have been unable to account for the response to he question “Did you pass away n this building”?

Investigation at Sharnbrook Theatre 28.01.2017

 Above the question is asked by an investigator for the spirit to jump out on me? The spirit responds with a “No”.

Below; This is an audio recording of conversation between investigators and spirits using a ghost box (Not EVP but interesting)

Investigation at St Neots Museum 19.11 2016 .

None of the team are moving but this sound just appears

Investigation at Willington 15.07. 2016 .

Above  a  recording of the team outside one of the buildings discussing a spirit known only as the “squire” who walks the area and is still trying to warn a group of cavaliers inside the building that the roundheads are approaching.

And below Disembodied voices take from the above recording that are not members of the team.

Above one voice can be heard saying “thats him” while below another appears to say “oh oh they are trying to get Lisa.”

and at the time the team were at the door

Investigation at Kimbolton 11.07. 2014.

Two LPS members are speaking about where a spirit is and a voice responds by saying “I’m am here”

 Potton Woods  23.02. 2013.  

While one member is describing how she feels an unknown male voice speaks the name “Andy”

Investigation at the White Hart in Ampthill Bedfordshire in 2004.  

Above the sound recorder was on its own  in a locked room and picked up a unknown womans voice shouting “Get out” and below two people in a room were discussing trigger objects the evil laughter was not heard at the time but was picked up by the sound recorder

Also at the White Hart in Ampthill Bedfordshire in 2004. in the recording below the Sound recorder is in the Red Chamber and a unknown male voice is heard saying “I’m not there”

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