Pictured above;  Rougham Airfield


Spirit Box Experiments

During the seance a question is asked about Adolf Hitler hear the response below:

Spirit box question:  Hitler is coming Response: Pass me a bomb


Spirit Box Response: Bomber

Footenote: Hello Andrew . Just read your report very interesting. Towards the end of it you mentioned someone talking to a spirit called Jack. The last 2 group’s we had in also had heard the name Jack mentioned and that he had been a bomb aimer. ???? .Regards Clint. Museum trust.

Investigation 04.07.2018

During a Olivus experiment a member of the team becomes ill

Listen for a french response during the seance

Investigation reports

Investigation Form 11.03.2023
Rougham Investigation Report 19.11.2022
Investigation Form 22.05.2020
Investigation Form 13.04.2019
Investigation Form 04.07.2018


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