Need Our Help?


The Luton Paranormal Society  offers help and support for anyone who is in need of our service  and is experiencing Paranormal activity.

Firstly we would ask that you keep a two week diary of events prior to contacting us so that we and you have a record of what has been happening.

Next you can contact us either by sending us an email or contacting us through our facebook site.  We will then arrange with you to meet with us at a location of your choice to discuss how we can support you.

We will ask for a donation to cover our travel costs and time in researching the history of your property or the land it is on.

We are  willing to assist with public talks or events you maybe organising for which we would ask for a donation to cover travel and time unless you are a registered charity.

 We are a community group of volunteers and will help you as best we can, but we ain’t ghostbusters !

Please go to our contact us page to get in touch.

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