Crop Circles

Crop Circles


What are Crop Circles?

Crop Circles are geometric patterns that can appear mysteriously in crop fields. The crop is not cut, but is usually laid flat and most often swirled into an attractive floor pattern. Most patterns appear in cereal crops such as wheat and barley, but circles have been known to occur (in lesser numbers) in oilseed rape, maize, linseed, grass and even borage – to name a few.

When and where do they appear?

Although it might seem obvious, crop circle occur only during the crop growing season. In the UK the first circles can start to occur in April and May, reaching their height in late July and August. Crop circles do in fact occur all over the world in many countries and obviously they similarly follow growing seasons in that particular part of the world. In the UK most circles occur in the county of Wiltshire, although circles do happen (in lesser numbers) countrywide.

In the early season (April/May) numbers are few but this gradually builds up as the summer moves on, at the height of the season (Late July/August) several circles can appear on one night. The season ends with the harvest – and the slate is wiped clean for another year. The crop circles do seem to have an affinity for ancient sites. Many circles appear close to stone circles, barrows, earthworks and other landmarks. Stonehenge and Avebury have played host to many crop circles over the years. The Crop Circles usually appear overnight, in the few short hours of darkness in the summer months. Most are completely perfect at first-light with no flaws in their designs!

How long has this been going on?

There is an ongoing debate between researchers as to the longevity of the phenomenon. Essentially two camps exist within the debate; those who believe that the crop circle phenomenon is a relatively modern occurrence beginning in the mid 1970’s and those who believe that there are reports going back to the beginning of the century and even earlier. The first circle photographed (documented) in the UK was in 1976, however many farmers report circles in their fields going back considerably further than this date. There is a woodcut dating back to the 1600’s known as the ‘Mowing Devil’ which seems to show some kind of circular pattern in a crop field, however opinion is divided as to whether this can be directly linked to the crop circles or not.

What makes the crop circles and what do they mean?

There are many theories about who or what makes the crop circles. Whirl-winds, earth energies, extraterrestrials and human hoaxers to name but a few. What makes the crop circle subject so fascinating is that anyone and everyone can take part in the search for answers. For more information visit;

Uffington Crop Circle

Pictured below photographs taken at a crop circle which was one of three circles LPS were lucky enough to investigate in the Wiltshire area

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